InnovAntennas provide Complete EME Antenna Systems including everything you need to be you active. Antennas, Splitters, cables, baluns, rear splitter mounts, rotators everything! Contact us by Email or phone with your system requirements and we will help you get the very best from your EME experience.

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Latest Products

  • Multiband_HF_Yag_538cb91be2052.jpg Multiband_HF_Yag_538cb91be2052.jpg
    XR7 - 14 element 7 band HF, 6m & 4m Yagi(20/17/15/12/10/6/4) with 3.6m boom - The World's shortest 6 band HF & 6m & 4m Yagi 'full sized' Yagi - InnovAntennas
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    XR6C XR6C
    Multiband HF Yagi XR7C - The most compact, highly efficient Ham Yagi available today - InnovAntennas XR7C 3.6m long, 8.8m wide
  • 10_element_432MH_4d613c9bcf03a.png 10_element_432MH_4d613c9bcf03a.png
    A 12 element low-noise 446MHz LFA Yagi - Low Noise Yagi

Top ten Products

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    Feed_Point_Seala_523bf89008408.jpg Feed_Point_Seala_523bf89008408.jpg
    Liquid Rubber Feed Point Sealant
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    4_element_50MHz__4daa96f19642f.png 4_element_50MHz__4daa96f19642f.png
    A Very low-noise 50MHz LFA Yagi
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    ConductaSeal___E_523bf867ba48b.jpg ConductaSeal___E_523bf867ba48b.jpg
    Aluminium Grease Compound - element joining paste