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Custom Marine Band Yagi built with high Quality Components


altCustomMarine Band (155MHz - 157MHz) OWL Yagi -

For Commercial, Professional and Marine applications


Any Sized Yagi to your specifications

The G0KSC OWL Yagi (Optimised Wideband Low Impedance) loss-less high gain directional vertical antenna. This compact 4 element  OWL provides stunning performance across the Marine band of frequencies (other custom frequency versions available). Hard to beat with a direct 50 Ohm feed point and no matching losses.

The OWL is capable of wide band operation without performance compromise and unlike other commercial antennas, ours are all individually computer optimised for their specific frequency of operation . Designed with the very latest modelling software packages costing 10'sof thousands of pounds, Accuracy and performance assured.

Marine Construction - Built to last

Our antennas are constructed with the best quality materials in order that the best mechanical construction can be achieved, not the cheapest and most profitable! Even a digital caliper is used (with an accuracy of .01mm) to measure the elements during production to ensure they are within 0.2mm of what they should be, this ensures performance is delivered.

  • Marine grade Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Original Stauff Insulation clamps
  • Mill finished boom and elements for highest levels of accuracy
  • Quality N-type termination
  • Liquid Rubber sealant provided with this antenna to perfectly seal every joint before installation


Just to let you know that we got the antenna installed yesterday (finally!).  We installed it on a 5m long 2” diameter pole without any issues.  There is movement in the strong winds we had yesterday but nothing excessive.

Initial results are very good with the maximum range being approximately 50% greater than with the existing arrangement, typically about 75km with the maximum recorded so far being 95km.  This is with the antenna about 35m above sea level.

I’ll let you know the results when I’ve been able to do some more thorough testing.

Best Regards,

Guy - Sea Reach Systems''


''The Yagi-antenna is very good performance.

I did tuning very careful;

SWR=1.0 with short (30cm) test cable including 2 turns choke balun. SWR=1.1 with 20m actual cable including the balun.

Thank you very much for your support and provided good antennas. JSAF is very happy and expecting good antenna network (100nm reception so far)

I will report you later more detail performance.

Have a nice days!

 !! The antenna is supplied with a choke balun and liquid rubber sealant for securing and sealing joins !!

Manufactured the right way, not the cheapest way!

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