5el 85.5MHz LFA Yagi

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5el 85.5MHz LFA Yagi - Covers 85-86MHz
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A 5el  LFA Yagi for 85-86MHz - centre frequency 85.5MHz 

A low noise, high gian Yagi for bout RX and TX. compact design on a 1.25" square boom and 1/2" round elements fully insulated from the boom

Performance single antenna:

Gain:                                        10.48dBi - free space

Gain 10m above ground:         16.22dBi

F/B:                                          28.75dB

-3dB E-plane:                          51.8 degrees

-3dB H-plane:                         66.8 degrees

2 x Yagi stacked 3m apart:     19.05dBi

Impedance:              50Ohm balanced

SWR:                       85.5MHz +  - 500KHz better than 1.2:1


Stacking Distances:

2 antennas:             3m vertically

The 5el 85.5MHz LFA Azimuth plot in free space

5el lfa 85.5mhz Az free space

Elevation plot of the 5el LFA in free space:

5el lfa 85.5mhz Elevation free spacr

2 x 5el stacked 3m apart vertically, one above the other in free space:

5el lfa 85.5mhz Stacked

2 x 5el LFA stacked 3m apart and 10m above ground, showing ground-gain:

5el lfa 85.5mhz El 10m up



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