SPID REAL - Elevation Rotator

Manufacturer: InnovAntennas
Product Code: SPID-RAEL
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altSPID REAL - Elevation Only Rotator


The SPID REAL is a high quality alternative to rotators such as the YAESU G-550 / G-5500 or CREATE ERC5A. However, the SPID is capable of handling more than 2.5 times the weight/load of these alternative products.

Like other models in the range, the REAL takes a direct 13-20v supply from your shack and is controlled by the SPID Rot1 controller (supplied) which has a USB interface for easy integration with PC's.

The REAL uses a worm drive to ensure accuracy and to ensure no 'play' exists. A mast of up to 2'' can be used in the base of the rotator too.

If you have any questions about this rotator, please contact us!

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