ALPHA SPID RAS - Azimuth & Elevation Rotator

Manufacturer InnovAntennas

Medium duty Azimuth/Elevation Rotator
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Model: RAS-PWM

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The RAS is an excellent option for medium sized EME arrays with good reliability and easy setup and interfacing to PC systems. Recommended for LFA and OWL arrays up to 14el x 4.

Technical specification:

Angle of turn azimuth: 360 + / - 180 degree
Angle of turn elevation: 180 + / - 20 degree
Rotational speed azimuth: 120 sec. (12V), 60 sec. (18V)
Rotational speed elevation: 80 sec. (12V), 40 sec. (18V)
Supply: 12V-18V DC
Weight: 14 kg
Input signal: pulses (one pulse per degree)

Rotor and Control Box works well with such programs as ham radio deluxe. Please note, we supply the USB version as standard, not the RS232 version. The USB version is normally at extra cost!



The RAS 'in shack' controller

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