Why Innovantennas?

InnovAntennas are a very different antenna company in many ways. With a focus on Yagi-style arrays and production of designs between HF, VHF and lower UHF only, sufficient research and development time can be applied where it is needed to ensure the very best in all important performance attributes are met and thus enabling the production of unparalleled antennas.

As you read through and study our range of antennas, you will be introduced to parameters and performance experience figures perhaps not seen from a single 'package' before and this is with good reason. 'Imagination is more important than knowledge' were the words of Albert Einstein and he was right. It is not just the leading-edge software development tools which allow us to excel in our design goals, it our creative ability which ensures continuous over-achievement  and an aim to keep pushing the boundaries set by antennas of the past. So, what else sets InnovAntennas apart from our peers?


  • Particle Swarm Optimisation
    • Sophisticated Computer Optimisation tools ensure the highest levels of performance are achieved.
  • Multiple Electromagnetic Simulation Tools
    • The very latest electromagnetic simulation tools are used to confirm our antennas totalling £10,000s/$10,000s.
  • Thousands of Computer Hours Developing
    • Many multi-processor computer servers are running PSO optimisers 24/7/365 in order to achieve the best possible results for our antennas.
  • Best-in-Class Performance
    • When looking at all performance attributes within a single package, we believe InnovAntennas are second to none.
  • Highest Levels of Build Quality
    • Mass production can often mean 'acceptable' build quality and tolerances. Not at InnovAntennas, we will always be best!
  • Bespoke Development to Suit Your Requirements
    • Commercial applications require targeted, focused performance and we will always invest the time required to provide your ultimate solution.
  • Mechanical Construction and Component Choices through Simulation Results
    • Not many antenna companies boast simulation tools that can test external elements. For this reason you will not see end caps on our elements, Polyamide insulators, Gama or Hairpin matches and more. Rest assured we know our field!
  • Computer Optimised Mechanical Design
    • It is not just the electromagnetic design of our antennas which is handled by computer. Our abilities extend to the computer modelling of the mechanical structure of our antennas too ensuring long-term performance in any conditions.
  • Quiet Antennas from Software Concept to Mechanical Design
    • From the super-suppressed patterns of our antennas through to the closed loop feed systems and the 1/4 stub connection from feed-point to boom (which eliminates stray Eddy currents from the boom) Our antennas are designed to eliminate all aspects of potential loss or performance degradation.

Why InnovAntennas?

InnovAntennas use the very latest software design tools and optimisation methods (Particle Swarm Optimisation) in order to achieve the very highest possible performance characteristics. Other companies just don't publish polar plots and with good reason! We are proud at just how good our antennas look and perform and for this reason, azimuth, elevation and SWR plots for each and every antenna are published.

Above is a 3D plot of one of our 12 element VHF arrays. Typical of  the LFA, it has a better G/T figure than any other Yagi of the same boom length. What does this mean to you? No other antenna has the ability to hear weak signals like our antennas do. Being heard is one thing, being able to hear weak signals in this current day and age of electronics where noise is generated by most electrical devices is completely another.

Be it a bespoke commercial application or a radio ham wanting to bounce signals off of the moon, no other antenna will provide a better overall performance than the LFA Yagi, period. If it is the absolute best in todays antenna technology you are looking for, look no further than the LFA Yagi by InnovAntennas. If it does not provide better performance than anything else on the market, it will not be listed as one of our products!

Best Ever Designs

At InnovAntennas we are not using 'free' amateur software packages to design our antennas, we are using the very latest and most accurate Numerical Electromagnetic Calculation engines along the the most sophisticated optimisation methods known today (Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO)).

The above image shows a patch array that has been optimised within one of out PSO optimisers. With PSO and 64bit Electromagnetic Calculation engines, our optimisation capabilities are almost limitless!


Above is an image taken directly from our optimisation software. This is the predicted current distribution within a waveguide. Until now this kind of optimisation and prediction has not been possible and while it provides the ability to produce antennas with ground-breaking performance, not every one can afford the £10,000's of investment required to be on top of the game.

Be assured you have the very latest in antenna technology with InnovAntennas. Why have' yester-year' technology when you can have The Technology of Tomorrow, Today!