OWL-Ultra Xpol

Manufacturer InnovAntennas

OWL Ultra X-pol systems available


All our OWL Ultra models are fully customisable. Should you require bigger diameter booms, X-pol or a full EME system specified for your environment, we can handle it for you.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a custom quote.

A note on accuracy

In order for a low noise VHF or UHF Yagi modelled in software to stay low noise when built, the whole antenna needs to be modelled, optimised and finalised as it will be built. Elements, boom, insulators, feedpoint and even coax cable being connected to the model. This way no 'correction' needs to be added, the exact element lengths are given within the software which in our case is the World's leader and most expensive simulation package available today Ansys HFSS.

a 'Fixed' length correction such as forumlas given by K1FO and DL6WU, will NOT replicate a wires only model to real world antenna. Any such correction would be percentage based with a lower percentage being needed for first and last elements.

boom with coax

A 70cms LFA Yagi as presented within Ansys HFSS showing all aspects of the antenna being factored into the model

rear antenna balun

A 70cms Ultra Yagi from the front in Ansys HFSS with ferrite core balun attached. All aspects of the antenna are factored into the design

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