222MHz Low-Noise LFA Yagis Categories

X-POL Versions of Any Yagi available upon request - Power Ratings are limited by your Coax, Most antennas can handle 10KW+++

'Special Designs' and Station designs and planning Upons request

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    Feed_Point_Seala_523bf89008408.jpg Feed_Point_Seala_523bf89008408.jpg
    Liquid Rubber Feed Point Sealant
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    ConductaSeal___E_523bf867ba48b.jpg ConductaSeal___E_523bf867ba48b.jpg
    Aluminium Grease Compound - element joining paste
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    10_element_222MH_4d56820e23447.png 10_element_222MH_4d56820e23447.png
  • 11_element_222MH_4d568a9d555d5.png 11_element_222MH_4d568a9d555d5.png
  • 12_element_222MH_4d569ec3f226b.png 12_element_222MH_4d569ec3f226b.png
  • 14_element_222MH_4d56a4dddd4cb.png 14_element_222MH_4d56a4dddd4cb.png
  • 15_element_222MH_500a5688598bf.png 15_element_222MH_500a5688598bf.png
  • 17_element_222MH_500a5f129434e.png 17_element_222MH_500a5f129434e.png
    A 17el 222MHz low noise LFA Yagi
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