SPID-MD01 - Multiple Rotator Controller Unit

Manufacturer InnovAntennas

Controller unit to allow the control of many rotator devices via Ethernet connection
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altModel: SPID MD01 Rotator Controller via Ethernet

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The MD01 allows you to control many different rotators via Ethernet connection and one single PC. so is ideal for the large DX or contest station!




Technical specification:

The rotator has an operating range of a total of 720° (-180° to +540°) 2 Electronic sensors reliably transmit the position of the antenna.
The two motors are supplied with separate voltages. For the azimuth/elevation operating an optional 4-pin cable is required. For the position sensors you need a optional 8-pin cable.

The rotor requires a supply voltage of at least 13.8V, although we recommend using the optional AC adapter PS-01.