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Super impressive?

The new line of ultra-low noise UHF Yagis are being completed. This 24el 432Mhz LFA has been optimised for weak signal work including EME. This antenna is 20' long and yet weighs in at just 10lbs including all fixing hardware. 

Note the new 'Computer Optimised' reflector array that helps this antenna achieve a Front to Rear figure (F/R, not F/B) of nearly 40 dB!!

The diagram below shows an over-lay of a standard LFA and one fitted with the new G0KSC optimised reflector array.

How cool would this look on your tower? Contact us directly or your closest InnovAntennas agent for more information or just like us on facebook and get all the news as it happens!


InnovAntennas Acquires Force 12


InnovAntennas has acquired the legendary Force 12 antenna company and product line and has moved the Force 12 factory from Bridgeport, Texas, to Grand Junction, Colorado, into a facility shared with InnovAntennas America. InnovAntennas Ltd in England is now manufacturing Force 12 products for the European market at its Canvey Island plant. The Grand Junction facility is up and running, manufacturing and shipping antennas. InnovAntennas says it plans to produce updated versions of classic Force 12 antennas as well as all-new models. InnovAntennas Founder Justin Johnson, G0KSC, was at the Colorado facility earlier this year to assist in setting up and laying out the factory, and the company expects full production to be underway by January.

An InnovAntennas customer in Sweden sent us this video of how his 10m OP-DES held up in the winds Europe had earlier this autumn. The wind speed was as 92m per second (around 93 MPH) and although the other antennas in the video are taking a real bashing, the OP-DES looks to be taking the storm in its stride.

InnovAntennas did not receive one single phone call or Email relating to damage during or after the storms.  That has to be a good sign that we are doing things right!

The InnovAntennas Team


During November 2013, Justin G0KSC and Luke, M6INO from the UK team flew out to Colorado to assist in the setup and layout of the US based factory and production started fully as of January 2014. Manufacturing for the UK, Europe and the rest of world will still be handled by the Canvey Island based factory here in the UK.

Take a look at our fantastic new factory and come see us if you are passing by!

It is important for the National Society to have good, solid content with foundation to attract visitors to the National convention and therefore, the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) invited Justin G0KSC to present on the subject of  'Optimising Yagis for low noise rather than gain'.

Justin also helped with making arrangements with the Key note speaker, Joe Taylor K1JT as Justin and Joe have been working together on a new Radio Astronomy array (Crossed LFA Yagis) for the Princeton University.

If you missed this years RSGB event, don't worry, you can see Justin present at the Antenna Forum during the Dayton Hamvention in May 2014.


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